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  1. 5 Easy Ways To Sell an Out Of State Property in 2021

    5 Easy Ways To Sell an Out Of State Property in 2021

    Most of us sell real estate once or twice in a lifetime, so it’s a given that we’re not familiar with the process. Add to that, the task of moving, and it can become overwhelming to sell a house out of state.

  2. How to Sell a House Before or After a Divorce

    sell house before or after divorce

      During a divorce, dividing the assets can be the most difficult and stressful part. Especially when it comes to selling the home. If you or someone you know is facing divorce and stuck in the middle of a house situation, this video will help. Transcript: Today we’re gonna talk about how to sell your house fast when you’re getting a divorce. When you’re getting a divorce it’s really a tough situation. You have to decide, if you have a house, what are you gonna do with…

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  3. How to Stop Property Tax Foreclosure

    How to Stop Property Tax Foreclosure in Florida

    Are you looking to stop property tax foreclosure? Taxes are an unavoidable and necessary part of everyday life. Some may call it a necessary evil, but regardless of our opinion on them, we understand that anyone that owns a property has to pay property taxes. Not paying them could carry significant penalties, and might even cause you to lose your property. How are property taxes paid? If a homebuyer has a mortgage, whenever they make a monthly payment, part of it is dedicated towards property taxes. Most…

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  4. How to Sell a House In Probate in Florida

    How to sell a house in probate

    Losing someone that you really loved is not easy. The process becomes even more challenging if you have been named as the person who will execute the will of the deceased. If you are not familiar with the process of selling a house in probate (don’t feel bad, most people are not), you will have a hard time trying to understand the process of selling probate property. In this post What is Probate? What If There is No Will? How Long Does the Probate Process Take? What if…

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  5. How to Sell A Property In Need of Serious Repair Without Money

    Sell a house needs repairs

    Are there holes in the walls? Are the roof shingles cracking? If you are reading this article, you’re probably worried about how to sell my house fast miami in need of repairs. Lucky for you, there’s hope! Given the expenses involved in getting a new home or moving out, it’s not surprising that you’re highly reluctant to put some repairs into to the property you’re living in. Considering that you learned to live with a broken door handle or a poor electrical outlet, renovations are by far the…

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