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How to Sell a House Before or After a Divorce

sell house before or after divorce

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During a divorce, dividing the assets can be the most difficult and stressful part. Especially when it comes to selling the home.

If you or someone you know is facing divorce and stuck in the middle of a house situation, this video will help.


Today we’re gonna talk about how to sell your house fast when you’re getting a divorce. When you’re getting a divorce it’s really a tough situation.

You have to decide, if you have a house, what are you gonna do with the house. Are you going to, maybe one of the two spouses is gonna keep it or do you wanna sell?

If you do wanna sell, you have to decide if the house is going to need some repairs in order to be sold or if it’s already in perfect condition. That is the number one thing you have to decide first.

Then if it does need repairs, are you going through the repairs with your future to be ex-husband or ex-wife or do you just wanna go and get a quick offer. Basically, you have two choices, you either list with a realtor or you sell to an investor.

When you list with a realtor, if your house is in perfect condition, it might be a good choice for you, but remember that it will take three to nine months for the process to actually happen so that you can actually close on the house, and that sometimes is gonna be a very hard time for you during this time.

If you choose to sell house fast fort lauderdale to an investor, it will be much faster. You will have one showing basically, and close quickly, and move on with your life.

So hopefully, if you like that option for you, maybe you can give Property Nation a chance.

If you would like more information please visit us at, where you will find tips, tools, and resources so you can make the right decision about selling your home.

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