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About the Company

Property Nation is one of Florida’s leading residential real estate investment companies. We are dedicated to helping homeowners get out of tough situations through innovative real estate solutions. We are looking for highly talented, and motivated professionals to join our team. If you think you have what it takes, apply to one of our open positions below.

Employee Testimonials

Who You Are?

You’re the type of person that once you set your eyes on the target, you never give up, not even when obstacles are thrown in your way.
You’re not afraid of fast paced changes especially when it comes to technology. You are willing to learn new tools/ technology to make you and the team more efficient.
You’re highly driven to hit your goals. We do not believe in micro- managing, we believe in accountability. Every member of our team is measured by the results they deliver. Please do not apply if you are uncomfortable with accountability.
You’re passionate about what you do and take pride in your execution. You’re not here just for a paycheck, but here to grow personally and professionally.

What We Offer

Work from the comfort of your home
Competitive compensation packages including bonuses
One-on-One training
Systems and technology to make your job easier

Core Values


Committed to constant personal and professional growth and learning

Results Driven

Measure yourself and hold yourself accountable


Constantly pursue new ideas and opportunities.


Love what you do and respect others.


Never give up. Always follow through and hold yourself and other accountable

Does This Sound
Like You?

Featured Client Stories

We care about helping you get out of your situation and always put you first to make sure it’s a win-win for everyone involved. We never haggle you on price or low-ball you on price. Instead, you get a fair value offer for your house that works for both of us.

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