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“We calculated with a realtor, and when you take into consideration the realtors fees, commissions, and so forth, it was a no-brainer, the offer that Property Nation came to us with was market value for cash. A great deal and it was more than we would have gotten from a realtor.” 

– Alfonso, Miami, FL

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Selling to Property Nation - What You Need to Know

Team Property Nation
This team right here will work hard for you and only you.

We know home buying and the real estate industry very well. Surely, you’ve seen a bunch of similar websites, or gotten some mailers from other companies claiming they will buy your house for cash, and that you can sell your house fast to them. 

Our home buying process is truly the best in the business because we know what sellers need, and we know the fastest process to make it all happen smoothly. 

As we mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if you need repair work or if the house needs to be cleaned. It doesn’t even matter if it needs major renovations.

Has a realtor told you the house is impossible to sell due to probate problems, liens, or other common setbacks? If so, no worries, we can handle it all.

We take care of the hassle and all the details. Our job is to provide a fast and fair cash offer for your home or condemned building in Miami, Broward County, even in Georgia, so you can move on, regardless of your current situation.

Sell fast, move forward.

How does this whole “we buy houses cash” process REALLY work? Is it really that simple?

Well, in short, yes, selling your home in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, or anywhere in the USA fast for cash is a very simple and easy process – For us at Property Nation, it’s a little different story. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, to ensure a smooth home selling experience for you.

Allow us to explain further.

Keep in mind that selling your home fast for cash may not always be a solution for you. Please keep reading below to fully understand how the process works in order to make an educated decision when it comes to selling your property. Not everyone has a the same situation and we’re proud and happy to work with people from all walks of life and multiple situations in their lives

And keep in mind…

We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. Like we’ve mentioned, when you work with us there are no fees… like there are when you list your house with an agent.

Once we get your info, we’re usually able to make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule (sometimes we can have a check in your hand the very same day!).

Here’s a quick video Federica made to explain the home buying process “in a nutshell”

Sell Your House Fast in Florida - Get a Great Offer!

What info will you need from me?

Should you decide to reach out to us at Property Nation and sell your home, what happens next? 

If you contact us during business hours (9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. or anytime!), one of our home buying experts (you can see who they are here) will either pick up the call, text, or call you right back.

This call only takes a few minutes and we will ask you a few basic questions about your property you are interested in selling, listen to your needs, answer any questions you may have, and offer our best advice to assist you in your home selling journey, even if that means we’re not the best option for you.  

Get started by filling out the secure form below

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Do I get my cash offer right away on the phone?

The short answer is yes…Rest assured, we do a detailed analysis of the property and our due dilligence, then provide you with a fair offer. 

The Property Nation Difference

When you call us, our home buying experts will just get the basic info from you, to make sure that working with us is truly a good fit. We will be honest with you from the get-go. If you feel that the options we have available are adequate, our home buying experts will schedule an offer appointment for you with one of our experienced Acquisition Managers. Prior to the appointment, we will do a thorough research on the property so that we can give you the highest and best offer, tailored to your specific needs!

How do I know you’re not going to make me a lowball offer?

Fair question!  It’s in our best interest to make you a good offer that you are happy with because that’s how we stay in business. It needs to be a win/win situation for both of us.  No rational person would accept a ridiculous lowball offer, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to make you one, right? Our business is buying houses (or condos, townhomes, etc.), and we can’t buy houses if our offers don’t get accepted. Plain and simple. 🙂

One thing to keep in mind is that we have several different options as far as what type of offer we can make you. If you choose the fast cash offer for your home, our offer will be fair, but it will not be “full market value”. However, we’ve made our business as efficient as possible so that we can afford to make higher cash offers compared to other home buyers

Can you explain the difference between selling with you guys and selling with a realtor?

Even in a seller’s market like Miami or Fort Lauderdale, it’s smart to look at your options and see what will actually help you best reach your goals with the sale of your house. While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with a local agent, that doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket or less headache.

We get into this difference between selling a home with us and selling a house with a realtor below. 

But if you are more of a video person, here’s another quick Federica video:

Do you provide other options or only cash offers?

Great question. In the beginning, we used to only offer cash for properties with the intention of renovating them and reselling. However, over the years, we’ve developed our team and capabilities to be able to serve more homeowners in a variety of different situations. We’re now able to help you even if you are not in a rush to sell, but prefer to get more for your home vs. a discounted cash offer.

Below is a short summary of our main offer “packages”. We do have additional options that are not listed below. If you have more questions about any of these options, or how we can help with your unique situation, our home buying experts will be happy to answer them when you call or submit your information on one of the webforms on this page.

Have more questions?  Visit our FAQ page.

How is your offer calculated and how do you guys make money?

Your property is carefully evaluated by Property Nation’s home buying experts who specialize in your local market. We provide customers with a data-focused offer on their property. 

After our evaluation, the offer is based on 4 factors.

Keron Howe of Property Nation

The After Repair Value (ARV) of the Property

After we're done fixing, renovating, and working our magic, the ARV is the value of the property in the open market. This is based on local comparable sales that have sold fully renovated.


Cost of Renovations or Cost of Repairs (COR)

When improving a property’s value, we need to make repairs and bring the property up to date. This can include floors, paint, appliances, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, bathrooms, and others repairs to make a property like new. This cost is what makes the COR after we buy it from you..


Selling Costs

Yes there are costs involved. BUT NOT FOR YOU. When we go to sell the property after upgrades, fixes, and renovations, there will be costs associated with the sale. Although you do not pay any commissions or fees when you sell to us, when we resell the property, we will have to pay those as well as taxes, holding costs, insurance, HOA fees, etc. Our selling costs usually come up to about 10% of the resale price, or the ARV.


Our Minimum Profit

Please understand, this is a business after all and making a profit is necessary in order to stay in business, support our families, employees, and contractors 🙂. However, we try to keep our profit to a minimum to be able to pay as much as possible for your property.

How it all boils down...the formula.

After Repair Value (ARV) – (Renovation Costs + Our Selling Costs + Our Minimum Profit) = Our Cash Offer

Practical example:
Let’s say the After Repair Value (ARV) of your property is $200,000 after it has been renovated and looks like a brand new house.

Now, suppose the property needs $30,000 worth of repairs and fixes, our offer would be calculated like this:

$200,000 – ($30,000 in repairs + $20,000 in selling costs + $30,000 minimum profit) = Our cash offer would be $120,000.

And that’s how Property Nation calculates our offers!

We try to make you the best offer, while still making a profit. No matter what situation you are facing, we want to work with you to make the best offer for you and your family. Most of the people we work with select us instead of a real estate agent due to the hassle-free process and certainty of a cash offer. See our reviews and testimonials to see what others are saying about working with us. Keep reading below for a comparison chart on working with us and working with a realtor.

What are the differences between selling your house with a realtor and selling to Property Nation?

Selling a House by Owner vs. Realtor – A Comparison Chart


Property Nation

Selling with Realtor

Commissions / Fees
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
None – We pay all costs
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
Financing Contingency*
Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through
Appraisal Needed
None – We make cash offers
Yes, sale is often subject to appraisal
Average Days Until Sold
21 Days
98 Days
Number of Showings
1 (Just Us)
Closing Date
0-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offer
Who Pays For Repairs?
None – We buy in “AS-IS” Condition
Negotiated During Inspection Period

Work The Numbers And See Which Way Helps You Get There…

When you really work the numbers you start to see the real benefits that each way of selling your house offers.

Yes, here at Property Nation we won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your house… but we also offer other benefits than going the traditional house sale route can’t offer.

From offer to close and cash in your hand in as little as 7 days

You can get rid of the headache of that property fast and avoid paying any more utility payments, tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, you get the drill. If you list your house and wait 90+ days to close… you have to figure in all of the costs of holding that property during the time you have that property listed and are waiting for the property to close.

Don’t worry about fixing anything up or cleaning your house again and again for buyer after buyer

We don’t care how dirty your house is (we’ve seen worse!) or how many repairs are needed (a complete fixer-upper? great! we love projects)... we’d like to make an offer on your house. 

This saves you time and money that you can keep in your pocket.

Don’t worry about paying those pesky closing fees (we’ve got you covered)

Because we are a full-service professional home buyer here in Florida, we make it easy for you. We pay for all of the closing costs. What we offer you is what you get (of course minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property). Pretty refreshing eh?

So when you add up the time you could save by working with Property Nation, the no-hassle experience, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs while you wait to sell the traditional route… for many homeowners selling to a professional house buyer is the best viable option.

Still have questions or want to know how much we can pay for your home?

Keron and Federica of Property Nation

Trust Us to Sell Your House the Easy Way.

Selling a house can be stressful. It is not just the process of selling, dealing with agents, walkthroughs, open houses, repairs, cleaning, and uncertainties, but also the reasons for selling, add to the already difficult process.

We are Keron and Federica, co-founders of Property Nation and together with our team, we work tirelessly for a solution to best suit your needs. Just fill out the form below to get your FREE, no obligation offer started.

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