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Selling an Ugly House in 30 Days or Less – Here’s How

Selling an Ugly House in 30 Days or Less - Here's How

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Selling your ugly house in Miami can be difficult. Between finding the ideal realtor and deciding just how much you want to sell your house for, the process to sell a house, especially an ugly house can take months. Believe it or not, you can sell your house in any condition. If you are finally looking to sell your property, here’s how you can sell your house fast in Miami.

Sell my house Miami – What are the potential costs?


You should always keep in mind how much it might actually cost you to sell your house. You will have to make updates in order to compete in the competitive real estate market. A few of these costs are:

  • Replacing flooring, carpet, and ceramic tiles
  • Updating and replacing kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, countertops, sinks, and faucets
  • Painting ceilings and walls
  • Installing new fixtures
  • Full home remodel

Unfortunately, these costs can add up. Did you know? It is possible for you to spend more on your house than you’ll get back from a potential buyer. A full remodel can also cost thousands of dollars and months before the house is finished. 

Selling Your Home in 30 Days – Steps to Take 


One of the best ways to sell your Miami house quickly is to give it a thorough cleaning both on the interior and exterior. Selling your house is all about curb appeal. Go over your yard to make sure nothing is out of place, including footpaths, trees, and shrubs. Add some flowers and potted plants to make the outside of your house more inviting. 

Next, clean the inside of your home so that potential buyers can more easily imagine themselves in the space. A clean and simple house will help people picture themselves in the home with all of their belongings. Remember, people like homes that feel large and open, so any clutter will distract them and make them not want to buy.

Hire a handyman or become one yourself

You should always try to spruce up the interior of your home with new fixtures. Replace any doors, cupboard handles, and faucets that have seen better days. Any small home maintenance jobs you may have been putting off should also be taken care of. People will more likely buy a functional home, and these small jobs don’t take much money to accomplish. 

Find your Price

Before you advertise your new listing, you need to figure out what your house is worth. You can go to many real estate websites to see what similar houses in the area are selling for. Make sure to take a look at any photos and read all that you can as some houses that are the same size as yours may have been updated more recently and can be sold for more. Always be realistic when listing your home. 

Sell your home fast Miami: When you don’t have money and time to spend

If you don’t have the time or money to spend sprucing up your house, or you simply don’t want to, call the experts at Property Nation.

We buy ugly houses in Miami without the need for realtors commissions or appraisals. You can sell your house as-is, with no work necessary. Selling your house in 30 days or less just got easier!


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