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How to Sell a House with Massive Repairs

How to Sell a House with Massive Repairs

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Need to Sell Your Home with Massive Repairs?


Selling your ugly house in Fort Lauderdale or South Florida can be difficult, especially if your home requires massive repairs or even a full renovation. Your house could be outdated, unsafe, or too expensive to keep. You may also be leaving the city or state and need to leave the house as soon as possible, so you don’t have the time to complete these projects.

You’re probably overwhelmed at the feeling of selling a house in need of extensive repairs. Renovations are both time-consuming and expensive, and choosing to list your home with a realtor in as-is condition means you could mean losing money to monthly mortgage payments.

When you’re getting ready to sell a house in need of significant repairs, you will have to choose between three different options. The amount of money and time you have will ultimately determine which is best for you.

Option 1: A Complete Renovation

Unfortunately, this first option will cost you the most money and time. However, this process could make the house sell faster and for more money, depending on where you live. Many homebuyers typically are not looking to purchase a home that they need to put work into, especially if they have children.

If you choose to go this route and make repairs and upgrades, you need to know what problems are present. Do a walkthrough inspection of the house so that you can find the cosmetic flaws. Beyond this, there may be issues behind the walls and under the flooring that you can’t see and don’t know about. Your best option for this is to hire a professional to check out the property and do a house inspection to determine what needs to be fixed.

A contractor will give you a list of all of the things that should be repaired or replaced. You may not need to do a complete remodel, but it’s important that you try to fix the problems that could be dangerous to the new owners.

Option 2: Repair Only Major Items

In some cases, a full renovation is not necessary. Your contractor will be able to let you know which items should be repaired and which are optional. Some of the most important and most expensive to repair or replace on the list might be:

  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Piping
  • HVAC
  • Electrical

Making those major repairs will likely increase the value of your home. However, this is an investment of its own. Repairing a house you intend to sell means spending money and time on a house you won’t be living in.

Still, if this increases the chances of your house being sold, it could be worth the trouble. Buyers are going to turn away from properties that have large repairs looming over them; many won’t even consider it. The ones who do will often hire an inspector of their own, and if any big repairs are needed, they will be negotiating for you to do the repairs yourself or lower the price.

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Option 3: Sell As-Is

While before we said selling your house as-is is not the way to go, this is only true if you go through the traditional real estate process. Luckily, you don’t have to. There is a better solution if you don’t have the time or money to spend.

If you don’t have the patience to make repairs on the house, you can sell as-is if you work with home buying companies. Property Nation, for instance, can make it easy for you to sell your house fast and for cash.

If your house needs massive repairs, this could be your best option. In fact, our process is so fast that we can close in as little as 14 days. First, contact us to let us know you’re thinking about selling your home and would like to schedule a time for us to come see it. We will then schedule a walkthrough based on your schedule.

After the initial walkthrough, we will offer you a fair price for the home based on its current condition. Once you agree on the amount, we’ll confirm the paperwork, and you can choose your own closing date. It really is that easy to sell your house no matter the condition.

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The biggest benefit of working with home buying companies is that you’ll get cash in hand quickly. We understand that most people don’t have the money to do a major overhaul of their home, and being short on cash can put a major damper on your next move. With the cash in hand from your house, you can use it to buy or rent your next place.

When we are the buyer, there is no need for a realtor. That means no hefty commission fees. As you may know, realtors charge a 6 percent commission on the price of your home to do their job in helping you sell it. However, you can get rid of the need for this step altogether when you already know who the buyer is.

You can also save yourself time. The traditional home selling process requires a lot of your time. You need to be available for open houses and have almost constant communication with your realtor. For busy people, this process isn’t going to cut it.

Our process is fast, and we pride ourselves on our ability to stay out of your hair unless you need to contact us for more information or ask our experienced team questions.

Go the stress-free route when selling your Miami house. Work with professionals who can help you get out of your house fast and receive a fair cash offer in as fast as one week.

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