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Why Selling to Home Investors Is Ideal

Why Selling to Home Investors Is Ideal

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The chances are that if you’ve thought about selling your Fort Lauderdale home, you’ve considered hiring a realtor to take over. The problem is that working with a real estate agent can be more expensive and more time-consuming than you realize. You might have also thought of trying to sell a home on your own, but this can be far more difficult than you’ve imagined. Luckily, there is another option to sell your house in Fort Lauderdale quickly: sell to a home investor.

The old way of selling a home


Residents often feel the pressure to make improvements or make renovations to make a house seem appealing enough to buy. While you wait for your house to get offers, you still have to pay the mortgage, utilities, as well as any other maintenance costs. When a buyer comes along, he or she will most likely demand further improvements or repairs be made only to have the deal fall through due to financing issues. All the while, you’ll still owe your realtor a commission once the house does finally sell.

The traditional way of selling your house is complicated, costs too much, and takes way too long. There are some significant benefits in considering selling to a home investor.

1. It’s fast

Home investors are typically ready with cash in hand. This means you can often close within a few days as opposed to the months involved waiting for the perfect buyer to come along. Home investors also buy houses every day; they streamline the process and make it overall more manageable for you.

Private buyers can run into financing issues or make the sale contingent on different, elaborate inspections. These issues can cause massive delays, that just cost you more money during the wait.

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2. Sell “as is.”

Home investors do not require costly renovations or upgrades. They are ready to purchase your home in whatever condition it currently resides. If repairs are needed, investors adjust the price and deal with the repairs after the sale is completed.

Private home buyers often want their new homes to be move-in ready, which means in perfect shape. Many of the fixes buyers demand won’t result in a higher sale price, but in making the house more marketable. You also don’t have to spend time scrubbing and cleaning every inch of the house to impress open-house attendees. This time can be better spent planning your next big adventure.

3. No hidden fees

Real estate agents do not work for free, which is fair. Typically, you’ll pay a flat fee or a commission, which is more common. This commission stays even if your agent doesn’t work that hard to sell your home.

If you list the house yourself, you’ll end up putting money into things like a real estate attorney and home listing service. This is not to mention the time spent talking to potential buyers and showing the house.

On the other hand, home investors make an offer and leave it at that. There aren’t any hidden fees.

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