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10 Differences Between Listing vs Selling to Investor

Listing vs Selling to Investor

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Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to talk about what the difference is between listing with an agent or selling to an investor. When you sell with an agent, you have to expect to pay 6% commission, 3% to one agent, and 3% to the other. Do multiple showings.

Taking a long time to sell the house, because in reality most of the time the houses that are listed will stay on the market between three to nine months. You have to expect also, some kind of price reduction. I would say maybe 80% of the times houses will need a price reduction of at least 10%. Then you have to wait for the buyer to actually qualify for the loan because it’s not necessarily all done once you find a buyer. Then you have to go through an appraisal.

Which again, you need to make sure that the house is in perfect condition, and the appraiser does not require you to do any repairs. Selling to an investor is actually completely different because you do not have to go through showing the property many times. You show the house only once. You do not have to pay 6%, actually there is zero fees to sell to an investor.

You do not have to wait for the house to appraise. You don’t have to give any price reductions. You don’t have to go through any of that. All you do is basically show them the house once, get an offer, sign the offer, and basically wait until title is ready for you to close, and get your money.

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