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  1. 7 Proven Ways to Get Out Of Your Mortgage Legally

    get out of a mortgage

    While you may have every intention of honoring your mortgage and continue paying it in its entirety, sometimes life throws a wrench into the engine and you need to get out of your mortgage. Maybe you lost your job, you’ve become disabled, or market conditions change and you end up paying a mortgage worth more than your house. One thing is sure, deciding to get out from a mortgage is always super stressful. Therefore it’s always wise to be prepared in advance so you can make calm…

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  2. Lost Your Job? 10 Proven Options If You Can’t Pay Your Mortgage

    Lost job can't pay mortgage

    The alarm goes off. You wake up and rub the sleep from your eyes. You brush your teeth, have a quick breakfast, and drive to work. Once you get to the office, you say hi to your coworkers and briefly chat about your weekend. Everything seems normal. Just another workday. But then, your manager calls you to his office and gives you the worst news you’ve had in years. Due to company-wide restructuring and new automation implementation, your current skills are no longer needed. You’re being laid…

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