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Relocation Home Buyout

How to Sell a House When Relocating

Are you planning to relocate because of a new job or moving for work? This can be a daunting task, especially when you are busy trying to find a new place or packing for the big move. If you have to sell your house fast and don’t have time to list it with a Realtor, or wait for potential buyers having Property Nation make you a cash offer for your property can be a great option.

Sell House Buyer

Skip the Traditional House Selling Process

It’s normal to be worried about your house when you want to sell it, especially when juggling a move to a new city, state or country. When selling your house you normally need to market your house, find the buyer and then complete the transaction, but there are many steps in between these. What will happen if you are unable to sell the house? Will you get enough money? Will you sell it fast enough before the move? There are endless questions, and the average time to sell a house is about nine months-which may seem long if you’re trying to relocate soon. When working with Property Nation, you can receive an offer within 24 hours. If you accept our offer we can buy your house within a few days.

Selling a House

1. Get a Fair Offer and Sell Faster

Rather than dealing with a bunch of low-ball offers, you can get an all cash, fair offer for your house. You can also sell the property much faster, instead of waiting months to find a serious buyer. We are the buyer, so we can get you an offer that makes sense for you and shorten the total time required typically when selling the traditional route.

Sell House Fast

2. No need to list it or sell it yourself

You have a few options when selling your house. One is hiring an agent to help you market your house, however, you will need to pay a commission of at least 6% for them to list and sell the property for you. On a $100,000 property, this is $6,000 not including any taxes or closing fees that you could instead put back into your pocket. The other option is to sell it yourself by either listing it on a site like Craigslist or other websites online and seeing what people offer you. The problem with this method is you will likely get bombarded by lowball offers from people who are not serious and who are just trying to get your property cheap. When you work with Property Nation, we are the buyer. We buy houses all the time, in all types of situations. We offer you a fair price for your house and have the means to buy the property all cash so you don’t have to deal with fake buyers online.

House Repairs

3. No repairs needed

If you try to sell your house in the traditional process you have to spend both time and money to fix up the property and make it presentable to potential buyers. If you’re in a rush to relocate this can be a big problem, especially if you don’t have the extra money or time to do the repairs or hire a company to help. When you sell toProperty Nation, all this can be skipped because we take care of it. We handle the repairs after we buy the property, and we do the inspections required. We do all this because we buy the home to resale it after it’s fixed or to rent it out. As a result, you get to skip the normal time it takes to do all this work yourself and move on faster to your new location. If you have questions about selling a home that is being relocated, please contact us and we can help show you all of your options.

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