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Fire Damage

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How to Sell a Fire Damaged House

Going through the traumatic experience of a house fire can be more than enough to deal with. Adding to the stress of this is trying to sell your fire damaged property. While selling a fire-damaged property, you need to ensure that you are getting the best buyer and you are able to make some money from your damaged property. If you find it hard to deal with the financial loss, you should consider the following tips to get out of your current situation…

1. Collect Your Belongings

Once the fire is out, you should not enter your home without the permission of the fire department. When this is totally controlled and safe, you should enter your property to estimate the loss and to recover your important documents and other things that are not damaged by the fire. You need to act smart to minimize further damage. You will also have to contact your insurance company immediately to know the extent of the coverage.

2. Inspection of the Property

After the departure of the fire department, you need to do a thorough inspection of your property by an experienced professional. Always remember that you will not be able to estimate all the damages without a professional inspection. There might be some hidden damages that can be discovered by professionals only. Once you know the extent of the damages, you will be left with two options. 1. You might need to spend a lot of money to repair your property, although repairs might not help you much if your property is totally damaged. It will not increase the value of the property either. 2. If repairing your property is out of your budget, you can think of selling your property instead. Which leads us to our next step… See also: we buy homes miami
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3. Find a Buyer

You might find it difficult to sell a fire damaged house. Most buyers will not even consider a home that is already damaged. The best way to sell your house is to find a real estate investment company like Property Nation. Many real estate investors are looking to buy fire damaged properties because they can fix them up to resell or rent them. At Property Nation, we can offer a fair cash price and will buy the property in its current condition, as-is. You will not need to do any repairs if you sell it to a real estate investment company like Property Nation. The benefit of selling a fire-damaged house to an investor is that you will not have to go through the hassles of the repairs to pass inspections. Even if you do spend money on repairs, you may not necessarily find a suitable buyer. You just need to move on and make a fresh start.

Get Professional Advice

These are a few options that you need to consider if you want to sell your house fast after a fire. You just need to go through all of them to choose the right option depending on your condition. Consult with an expert that has professional knowledge about selling your house.

Talk to our Real Estate Experts

Once you know that you are ready to start getting offers it’s best to talk with our experts. If the house requires extensive renovations, don’t start spending money just yet. You could be better off seeking cash offers from real estate investors like us here at Property Nation. We can purchase the home “as is.” without you having to spend a dime.

How Our Process Works

At Property Nation, you get an offer that works for you and works within the time you need to sell your house in Florida. At any time, if you have any questions about how it works, give us a call at 305-928-2711 or fill out our 30-second form.

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