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Is It Possible To Sell A Damaged House

Is It Possible To Sell A Damaged House

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Selling a home quickly in the Miami area can be stressful. The stress is only increased when the house is damaged. It’s intimidating to place a less-than-perfect house on the market, and you may not be willing or able to invest in fancy repairs and upgrades. The good news is that it’s not impossible to get a reasonable price for a damaged house without trying to make everything look perfect.

Who buys damaged houses?


Buyers who consider fixer-upper homes are a different breed than buyers who want to move in right away. It’s vital to understand the kind of people who are interested in damaged homes. Knowing these types of people will help you understand how to market and talk about your home.

1.  House Flippers

People looking to flip houses are looking to make a profit. They buy homes at low prices, put in the necessary work, and then sell at a higher price.  Real estate agents can help you know precisely what the house is worth. House flippers are looking for a good deal, but that doesn’t mean you have to take any offer they make.

2. Re-modelers

Some buyers consider buying damaged houses to get into a coveted neighborhood. There are areas where the housing market is super competitive. Waiting for the perfect home and getting it before someone else might take a long time. In these situations, a fixer-upper might be the way to go. They can start with a clean slate to remodel and damaged house into the house of their dreams.


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3. Bargain Hunters

Some buyers desire a specific location but can’t afford the average prices in the neighborhood. Buying a damaged home is a way to get in where they want without spending top dollar. Deal hunters are happy to grab a new home at a reasonable price with the understanding that they can make upgrades over time.

Make the sale!

Knowing who is going to look at your house is the first step. Now it is time to implement some simple techniques that will make your home more attractive. You can get as involved as you want in this process but should consider at least some of the following steps.

1. Clear out the clutter

The first step in getting your house ready for market is getting it clean. Start with the yard. A day’s worth of yard work can make a massive difference to your house’s curb appeal. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Focus on cleaning up weeds, mowing the grass, and freshening up flowers.

You also want to de-clutter the inside of the house. Focus on things that potential buyers are going to inspect. Make sure windows are clean; this helps bring in natural light. Getting rid of items that aren’t necessary helps buyers imagine your house as their new house.

2. Make small changes

There are numerous small projects that you can complete that make a significant impact. Patching holes, deep cleaning tubs, and toilets, fixing broken hinges, and replacing cabinet knobs are all inexpensive projects. Potential buyers are attracted to this kind of clean look.

3. Get help

Don’t be afraid to bring in the pros. An experienced cash home buyer in Miami can help you know where to focus your improvement money and how much your house should be worth. You might even consider an investment company. These companies will make a fair offer on your home and get you on your way fast. Selling a damaged home can be stressful, so don’t hesitate to get help.

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