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5 Spots in Miami Worth Checking Out

Like many of America’s great cities, Miami is a sprawling metropolis with tourist attractions and legendary nightlife other cities can only dream about. Like other sunny population centers, Miami has a mystique and a unique energy that brings thrill seekers and explorers from around the world to its beautiful beaches and civic institutions. Residents looking to sell my house fast Miami rarely find themselves short of buyers. Anyone looking for a good time can certainly do far worse and can find the experiences of a lifetime if they know where to look.  Here are five Miami spots to consider for your next trip.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Almost every big city has at least one municipal museum. Miami is home to one of the most entertaining and unique free museums in the world.  A project of Norman Braman and his wife, the Institute of Contemporary Art offers free admission every day and boasts a full schedule of community-based programs for art enthusiasts throughout the city. ICA has a permanent collection and works tirelessly to promote new and upcoming artists from Florida and around the world.  The museum offers a once in a lifetime cultural experience.

Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

If you’re going to be close to the sea, what better attraction to seek out than a half-million-gallon aquarium?  You can find it in the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science! The facility features a planetarium, overnight adventures and more than 250,000 square feet of exhibits, attractions and learning materials for both students and science lovers of all ages.  Don’t miss the nightly laser light shows featuring your favorite music and refreshments.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

How do Floridians beat the heat? Well, they’ve got the beach, and they’ve got great restaurants and air-conditioned clubs. But if you’re serious about keeping things cool, you need to visit the famous Azucar Ice Cream Company, home to unique Cuban flavors.  Have you ever had guava and cream cheese flavors in your ice cream treats? There have been more than a few imitators, but if you want the original, and you want to take the souvenir t-shirt home with you afterward, Azucar is the place to be.

Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District

Everyone knows Miami is famous for pastel colors and neon signs. If you want to know where the unique look of the city started, you’ll find it in the Art Deco District out on the barrier island on Miami Beach.  Near the world-famous Ocean Drive, the hotels and cafes in this charming section of town offer some of the most enjoyable accommodations in the entire state. It is almost like a trip back to the 30s and 40s.

Everglades National Park  

Covering a million and a half acres only a short trip from Miami is one of the natural wonders of North America. Everglades National Park is home to all kinds of wildlife from alligators to birds to hundreds of species of insects and water plants. The best way to see it all is aboard one of the region’s famous airboats.  There are walking tours and so many places to capture great photographs you’ll need help keeping track of them all.