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5 New Restaurants in Miami Everybody is Talking About

Miami is known for three things. Beaches and the beautiful people who populate them are the first two, and while some might contend the plentiful drinking establishments should be the trifecta payoff, the truth is Florida’s most famous city is one of the greatest food capitals in the United States. Residents looking to “sell my house fast Miami” would do well to try and attract buyers who like to eat out, because things are only getting better.

It’s a bold statement to make, considering the world-famous cuisine in places like Louisiana, Chicago, Santa Monica and Honolulu, but Miami holds its own and then some. Because it is situated in a cultural nexus halfway between California and Europe and between the rest of the mainland and the Caribbean, Miami can curate dishes from just about anywhere, and many of them have found their way into these five new and exciting destinations.

Chotto Matte

You don’t dine at Chotto Matte. You experience it. Because Miami rivals Southern California as one of America’s sunshine capitals, restaurants like this one give guests the opportunity to dine al fresco practically year round. Combining fare from faraway lands like Peru and Japan, this establishment is not far from Miami Beach.  Chotto Matte is only open during cardinal hours for lunch and dinner, but the wait for a table is definitely worth it.


Every region in the U.S. claims to have the best burger. In-N-Out in Southern California and the surrounding region is world-famous. White Castle in the midwest is as well. Shake Shack has planted the flag in the Big Apple. But Miami just might be threatening to take the top spot at Burgerim.  Eleven kinds of patties. Five kinds of sauce. Three kinds of buns. Combinations that are unheard of and popularity that is unrivaled. If you want Florida’s take on the all-American dish, Burgerim is where it’s at.

La Moderna

It can never be disputed that the heart of Italian cuisine is the sauce. What La Moderna does with them, however is the heart of innovative taste. Pasta fans will discover what is possible with their favorite entrees at this exciting destination restaurant, and might find one or two contenders for future obsessions in the process.

Soul Tavern

For the vegetarians in the food tourist crowd visiting the Sunshine State, Soul Tavern is waiting to show you the future of food. If you think portobello and fried green tomatoes are great choices for lunch or dinner, wait until you pair them up with a craft cocktail and a homeopathic elixir or two. Why just feed your appetite when you can nourish body and mind at the same time?  


Chicago and New York may have drawn the battle lines in the national pizza wars, and the west coast may have staked out the pepperoni frontier, but until you’ve taken a seat and been served a slice at Crust, you simply haven’t seen everything pizza can do.  Their menu includes numerous crowd-pleasing Italian choices and their establishment has earned Certificates of Excellence three years running. Sun, surf and pizza. What could be better?