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5 Hidden Gems You Should Visit in Miami

Every city has them. Every resident either knows them or has heard rumors. Even the people who are moving out and want to “sell my house fast Miami” are in on the secret. They are the hidden gems.  The confidential places that everyone talks about but tries to keep from talking about too much because they don’t want to be overrun by crowds when they visit their sanctuary. 

As one of the world’s most popular vacation spots, Miami has its fair share of hidden gems. Some of them are better kept secrets than others, but for most of them the word is out. The ease of instant worldwide communications makes it tough to keep a secret nowadays, so get ready for the inside scoop, because these are the places Miami residents have been enjoying for quite some time.  

Buenos Aires Bakery

Anyone visiting the Sunshine State knows to expect surprises from points south, including Argentina and the surrounding regions. Here at the bakery, the chefs combine a magical flavor called dulce de leche in just about every pastry and even in the coffee. This reportedly makes everything they serve about as habit-forming as it can get, meaning your first visit is practically guaranteed to not be your last.  

Sushi Deli

Not only is this place a gem, but it is a bona fide hidden gem.  First you have to locate the Japanese Market on 79th Street. Then you have to venture inside and find the sushi bar. Once you do, you’ll be treated to the most affordable and most precisely prepared shrimp and sushimi in the city.  Sushi Deli is generally only open during the day, so it isn’t a likely location for fast-moving nightlife, but for some enthusiasts that only adds to its appeal.

Little Haiti

If you’ve ever marveled at big-city districts that resemble the homelands they honor, then you’ll be astonished at what you find in Little Haiti.  This cultural complex has its own museum, marketplace and exhibits, all reminiscent of the Caribbean islands its founders hail from. You might even encounter an artist or musician here and there.

Books and Books

Independent bookstores are making a comeback, and in cities like Miami, they have the potential to become destinations for residents and tourists alike.  There are local and international writers features on their shelves alongside unique coffee table books, a cafe, and even a wine bar if you feel like relaxing in their inviting front yard. If you’re perceptive, you might even find a few books about Miami’s other hidden gems.

The Barnacle

One of Florida’s most revered and culturally significant locations is the Barnacle Historic State Park, situated in a coconut grove on Biscayne Bay.  A 19th century house is the centerpiece of the attraction once owned by Ralph Middleton Munroe. Two full-scale sailboats are on the property, which is surrounded by an enormous mangrove orchard.  It is rumored to be one of the most relaxing places in the greater Miami area, and perfect for a lazy picnic lunch beside the water.

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