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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees or commissions when you buy my house?

There are never any fees or commissions when we buy your home.

How do you determine how much you are going to pay for my house?

Great question! Our offers are based on a very simple formula. First, we take an in-depth look at properties that have been remodeled in your area. This includes homes that have sold in the past six months with similar features (square feet, # of bedrooms, # of baths, etc) to get a base price on what the value of your home be will once we make the necessary updates.

Next, we factor in the cost of repairs needed along with holding costs such as insurances, taxes, and commissions when we resell to another family.

After all these considerations, wen factor in us making a 10% profit on all the money that we have invested to come up with a final cash offer. Our goal is to come up with a fair offer that works for both you and us

Check out our case study.

Can you still buy my house if I am in foreclosure?

You have two options when facing foreclosure. If your house still has some equity in it and you are simply just falling behind on the payments we can give you an offer that will cover the mortgage and also put some money in your pocket.

If you`re upside down on your mortgage and you owe more on the mortgage than your house is worth then your only option to avoid foreclosure is doing a short sale. We have expert Short Sale negotiators on our team ready to help you get through this difficult process.

How long will it take to get an offer on my house?

Once you give us a call or submit your info through this website, you will receive a call from someone on our team within a few mins, to collect some information and we can make you an offer on the spot.

Do you buy house that need major repairs?

Absolutely! We buy houses in any condition.

What happens after we agree on a price to buy my house?

Once we both agree on a price to buy your home, we move immediately to the closing process. The title company receives the paperwork and then they start a lien search on the property. This lien search is done to find a complete history and record on the property, which includes any outstanding mortgages, liens or violations. Once this lien search is complete, we are ready to close so you can receive your cash in hand.

How are you different from real estate agents?

Realtors are interested in listing your property on the market to see if they can probably find a qualified buyer within 3 to 6 months. This is a precious time that you may not want to waste, hoping that a buyer comes along with the right offer. We buy properties cash and do NOT require approvals to qualify for a loan to buy your house. Secondly, with a realtor, you can expect to pay 6% of the sale price in commissions and spend money making the necessary repairs to show the property to several interested buyers. With us, there are never any commissions or need to make repairs.

Do you buy apartments or condos?

No, unfortunately, we do buy apartments or condos.

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