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  1. Selling your Fort Lauderdale Home the Fast and Painless way

    Selling your Fort Lauderdale Home the Fast and Painless way

    Homes are special, and parting with them can be difficult. The stress and hassle of selling your Fort Lauderdale house fast could only add to the agony of leaving your home and your life behind for something new and uncertain. The following are ways to make your sale fast and less painful. Sell in ‘As-In’ State Renovating and thoroughly cleaning your house for sale takes time and money. If you are in a hurry to relocate, you may not have the time for such preparations. Since listing…

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  2. Tips on How to Sell your Fort Lauderdale Home Fast

    Tips on How to Sell your Fort Lauderdale Home Fast

    Selling a house in Fort Lauderdale can be a slow process. If you urgently need to relocate to another place due to a job transfer, divorce or to just a change of environment, the following tips will help you quickly sell your Fort Lauderdale home. Avoid Agents and Listing Listing houses may be the traditional way of selling homes, but it is not convenient for those in a hurry to make sales.  Using agents and listing property can take months before the right buyer shows up. Besides…

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  3. What Happens When You Inherit a House?

    Inheriting a house

      Transcript: Today, we’re going to talk about what are your options if you inherit a house. If you inherit a house, you have to keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to pay the taxes, insurance, upkeep, HOA, whatever a normal house would cost you. On top of it, it’s probably going to be vacant, which is not such a great thing to have. Your insurance is going to be more expensive and you have to make sure that nobody breaks into your house or does…

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  4. How to Sell a House Before or After a Divorce

    sell house before or after divorce

      During a divorce, dividing the assets can be the most difficult and stressful part. Especially when it comes to selling the home. If you or someone you know is facing divorce and stuck in the middle of a house situation, this video will help. Transcript: Today we’re gonna talk about how to sell your house fast when you’re getting a divorce. When you’re getting a divorce it’s really a tough situation. You have to decide, if you have a house, what are you gonna do with…

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  5. How to Stop Property Tax Foreclosure

    How to Stop Property Tax Foreclosure in Florida

    Are you looking to stop property tax foreclosure? Taxes are an unavoidable and necessary part of everyday life. Some may call it a necessary evil, but regardless of our opinion on them, we understand that anyone that owns a property has to pay property taxes. Not paying them could carry significant penalties, and might even cause you to lose your property. How are property taxes paid? If a homebuyer has a mortgage, whenever they make a monthly payment, part of it is dedicated towards property taxes. Most…

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